One Last Thing...​

Before you head off to access your purchase let’s make things a bit easier for you!​

Let's Get You Set Up For Success!

You have chosen not to use our done for you service but we can still help you make the technical end a lot easier!

As with everything tech-related, sometimes simple things can seem complicated.

We will walk you step by step on setting up every detail of creating a csv file for posting to your client’s social media accounts using our preferred posting platform that is very affordable. What used to take up to an hour can now easily be completed in less than two minutes!

PLUS, we will provide you with a pre made spreadsheet that you only need to fill in a few cells to completely create a csv for uploading!

Do you already have a favorite posting platform?

That’s great! But we will also help you speed up the process by creating a custom spreadsheet for the platform you are already using!

Just send us a sample and we will take it from there!

This offer is limited to one custom spreadsheet per customer.