Bring In The Robots!

Now That You Know What To Do... This Is The Best Way To Do It!


Who Needs Robots?

You have made some very wise decisions today by deciding to jump on this outstanding offer! But, what if I told you that a big part of the job can be automated? No, we can’t go out and get the clients for you, but we can take a large part of the backend work off your plate.

What The Robots Do

These robots take the tedious and most time consuming part of this entire business model and automate it. Namely, social posting. It’s great to make the sale and then have a small inner celebration, but now it is time to put in the real work! While it is not an overly hard or lengthy process, it has taken some people up to two hours per client to get this aspect correct! That is valuable time you could be using to increase your income. Remember – HOURS MATTER!

Now, you’ve got a choice of auto-posting services, but you won’t find one like this that’s completely DONE-FOR-YOU!

Brand Every Image

Branding your images can be an important part of the sales process. It is much easier to sell the posting service if you can make potential clients feel ownership of the images. Branding every image ensures that when someone shares one of the images, your client's logo is on it and it can be traced back to them potentially bringing in more business.

Host The Images

The robots will also host the images on our Google cloud account that has ultra high reliability. It is important to host your images where they will be available anytime your posting software needs to access them. This is not an expensive thing to do, but depending on the volume of images you host it can run up your bill quite quickly.

Post The Images

This is the final step. Once we have branded the images and uploaded them to our image hosting account, it is time to get them out to the world. The robots will now go out and post the images to the following networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin Business Pages, Linkedin Personal Profiles, Pinterest and Google My Business.

Can You Just Do All This Yourself?

Absolutely everything can be done without the robots! In fact when I first started providing this service to clients I did it all manually. At first it was taking me up to a couple of hours to complete the process for just one client. Over time I learned new techniques that brought that time way down but there were a lot of hours wasted that I could have used for getting new clients! If you can leverage your time early on, it will pay off in the long run. This is a monthly recurring charge and covers up to 15 of your clients.