Now, double or triple your income potential!

Take your new ‘physician’s income’ up to a specialist’s income!

Your Doctor Is About To Get A Little More Jealous!

Ok, let’s say your doctor is a general practitioner and locked into his job at that level. He is stuck. To move up and be certified in a specialty field will likely take a few more years of training not to mention the massive time commitment it will take!

But you can instantly increase your income from micro services by simply utilizing all the material available to you today!

Below are three powerful tools you can add on today to increase your leverage and income potential.

Do You Really Want To Blow Up Your Micro Business?

Let’s Increase Your Leverage!

1. Social Media Videos

It should come as no surprise that video is the future of social media. In fact to use social media to its fullest, video has to be in the equation! 

Now is your ONLY chance to get 90 professional videos designed for the tree service niche for such a crazy low price! PLUS everything else you get if you order today!

This Is Your Only Chance To Get The Videos For This Low Price.

When this launch is over, the price of this video pack will go up to $67.

Right now, you will get these videos for only 52 cents each! This is an incredible price considering the cost to have video produced is normally up to 10 dollars or more… per video!

How Can Video Increase Your Income?

There are several strategies you can employ to use video to increase your monthly income.

First, when I add video to a client’s social media posting I charge MORE. For example, if I charge $99 to post the images, I can usually upsell the client to a mix of images and videos for another $50 to $100 bucks per month!

Second, if you run across that potential client that already posts images on a regular basis, you have another tool that you can use to close the sale!

Here A Few Samples Of The Videos You Will Be Getting Today!

2. Monthly Newsletters

Another Great Micro Service Just For you!

One of the greatest challenges to any local business is something that’s ignored by many marketers – and that’s keeping current and past customers engaged!

The best way to do that is too communicate regularly with these folks. 

Most business owners CRINGE at the very idea of producing well-written content on a regular basis.  If you asked them what they think about it, they’d all agree that it’s a GREAT idea. But they know it just won’t get done. 

Enter YOU…with a whole year’s worth of professionally written, seasonally appropriate newsletters.  If they have a physical location with foot traffic, they can format it with their logo and people will pick up the newsletters to take home to read, and hopefully, an extra copy to share with friends and family. 

These newsletters can also be sent via email, and we’re offering you training on a free service as an Auto-Responder to get them started. 

This is a VERY different kind of service to offer, and you’ll probably be the first to ever think of it.  You’ll be a HERO! 

Instagram Stories

When you buy today you will also be getting 30 Instagram stories. Use these for posting to Instagram, which is the visual-centric platform that began as a photo-posting app and has grown into a new sales channel for businesses.