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Launches Tue. December 29th at 11 AM Eastern. Ends Jan 2 at 11:59 PM


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About Micro Service Mania

About Micro Service Mania

Micro Service Mania is a beautiful offer for Local Agencies, showing some ways that Jeanne has used to build a Six-Figure+ business rivaling a physician’s income using 4 core elements. 

  1.  Social Posting
  2. GMB Posting
  3. Craigslist Ads
  4. Monthly Newsletters
Your buyers will not only get Jeanne’s training on offering these services, but a BRAND NEW Local Niche will be introduced that is PERFECT for this time of year.  


It’s a market of over 25 Billion Dollars per year, and the cooler months are when things heat up for these guys. 

Check out the funnel below.  

Similar offers in the recent past have generated up to 48% conversion on OTO1 and 37% on OTO2.

We are adding in an extra OTO3 of our Social Posting Platform, and you will make recurring revenue from this upsell!  YAY!  Who doesn’t love recurring income? 

Don't miss it!

50% Commission throughout the funnel and 15% RECURRING On OTO 3

Front End - $27


60 professionally designed 1080×1080 Images for posting to clients social media accounts as in the training..

CSV with text to accompany these 60 images when posting.

Black Book of sources that Jeanne uses on a regular basis.

OTO 1 - $37

Craigslist Ads

120 More Social Media Images

Facebook Timeline Banners

Explainer Videos

OTO 2 - $47

30 Instagram Stories

90 Social Media Videos to use to charge more for posting.

PSD’s for all 180 social media images.

CSV with text to accompany all 180 images when posting.

12 Monthly Newsletters 


This is the proverbial “icing on the cake.”

For the first time ever, I am offering my mid-tier posting service!
This is a $67 monthly recurring service which posts to 6 social media networks.

We will be paying YOU 50% on the initial sale and 15% monthly for as long as the customer remains enrolled. I currently have customers that have almost a year and a half of continuous membership on a similar service.

Affiliate Prizes

(Note: Total cash prize paid for all contests will be capped at the amount of your total commissions for the launch.)

$1100 In Prize Money

One Simple Overall Sales Contest

First Place - $500 Second Place $300 Third Place $200 Fourth Place $100

Contest Begins Dec. 29 at 11:00 AM and Ends Jan 2 at 11:59PM.


Anyone hitting the top 3 slots will be guaranteed a promotion from me. Didn’t hit the top 3? Not to worry… if you support this launch, I’ll take a look at your next offer and if it fits my schedule, I’ll be there for you. And if not the next time, we’ll find a spot that WILL work. It’s an honor to support my friends…you all know that.   

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