$600 per hour? That must be a typo... RIGHT?

Nope, carefully read this entire page to see just how easy it is for anyone to achieve!

Why Is This Offer So Valuable?

By now you’ve likely seen all the amazing offers promoting “push button” , “no work” income. They sound great with headlines proclaiming “NO WORK INVOLVED” or “ULTIMATE SHORTCUT”. Well, folks, there is no shortcut to success! Making money takes work. It doesn’t have to be long hours or physical labor but any success will only come from work! This is what has always separated my system from so many of the get rich quick schemes out there. IF you aren’t willing to work THIS SYSTEM WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU but nothing else will either!

So, what exactly do I mean by work? First, you will have to make contact with people. This can be on the phone, through emails, websites or however you can get your offer in front of business people that will buy your service. This is honestly the hardest part for most people since they are afraid of rejection. But this is what separates the successful from the failures in any business. For any offer that you offer a business, the overwhelming response to your offer will be NO! Not every business will be interested in your super duper, hot offer. In fact, most will not!

But wait Jeanne, you said this system has great profit potential, now your saying most business’s  won’t buy it, what’s going on here?

As I mentioned above, there is NO business that has a 100% success rate. There is no push button shortcut to success. BUT, if you put in the work (which isn’t much), you will likely succeed! Let me demonstrate the power of this system with some simple math…

Your First Client

Let’s assume you are selling your service for $99 per month. The simple math shows that you have earned almost $50 per hour for the time spent getting the new client. Not bad, but not life changing. BUT, you now have this client paying you $99 per month, every month for the for the foreseeable future.

After one year of payments from this one client, you have earned almost $1200 for your two hours of work. That takes your hourly earning to $600 per hour! Now, let’s spend that 2 hours everyday, Monday through Friday. You have invested 10 hours to acquire new clients, five of them using our example but this time looking at monthly income.

We will be quite conservative for the first two weeks while you are learning. So, for the first two weeks we assume you sign only 1 new client. The next two weeks we will use the assumption that you are signing 1 new client for every four hours of contact time.

But, YOU Are Not Average!

We will assume that you aren’t going to quit at this point. And is also likely that your skill level will increase and you will close a higher percentage of contacts, but we will leave it at 1 new client for 4 hours of contact time.

At the end of your first full year, you now have 93 clients each paying you $99 per month. Your monthly income is now a very respectable $9200 per month! And this is with you putting in the minimum of 10 hours per week to obtain clients.

With practice you can increase you close rate without adding to the amount of time you actually put into client acquisition, skyrocketing your income without adding on additional time or effort.

The Math

Just like any other business, the more people you expose to your offer, the more sales you will make. For this example, lets assume you contact 20 businesses per day an close just 1 of them. If you are doing this with cold phone calls then you have probably invested around two hours of your time.

In this example, two hours of work earns you 1 new client.

The First Month

Week 1 and 2 you have one new client and your monthly income is a staggering $99 per month. At this point, many people become disillusioned and look for the next shiny object because this obviously doesn’t work!

For those that have not given up and actually treat this as a business, you should hit your stride at this point in being able to sell the service. You are now closing one new client for every four hours of contact time, or 2.5 new clients per week. We will round this down to 2 clients!

At the end of this first month, you now have 5 clients each paying you $99 per month. That’s almost $500 per month ($6000 per year) in recurring income. This is life changing money for the majority of average Americans!

Are you a worker or a dreamer? Are you willing to put in the sweat equity required to be successful or are you looking for a “no work” solution?

If you are a worker, this can work for you, if you are a dreamer you will probably jump from offer to offer looking for an easy way out. If this is the case you will probably only spend money on shiny objects and never earn a dime!

Can this simple program really work for you? Absolutely it is possible if you will just take the time and put in the effort. However, if you invest the extremely low amount of money it takes join this program right now and do nothing, that is exactly what you will get – nothing!

Buy today and immediately put it to work and you can potentially see the success track described above starting day 1!

NO Theory, No Pie-In-The Sky! AND, I'm Giving You All the Material & ALL the Detailed Training to Have You Up and Rolling in Just a Couple Hours!

Best of all, I know this works because I have been DOING it for over two years with many clients under my belt!
What do I look for in a great niche?

A Great Foot-In-The-Door Service to Get New Clients

The first thing I look for when choosing a niche is the availability of potential new clients. With over 180,000 potential customers, tree services is a definite winner.

An Add-On Service for My Current Clients without extra work.

The next thing I look at is the potential to add on a service to any potential clients I already have. 


One thing to consider for a new niche is to check if other types of businesses target the niche. The main sector I check is lead gen companies and tree services are a huge lead gen market.

Tree Services Hit All The Requirements!

With a huge market cap of over 25 billion dollars, there is a lot of money to be made!

Tree service companies are pounded every day by salespeople trying to hock SEO or lead generation services. This is a unique service that you will offer that has immediate value for their business.

It is also a recession proof business (and covid proof). Tree’s fall and need maintenance regardless of the economy or the weather. In the spring and summer, strong storms regularly uproot trees and blow their limbs and debris onto homes. Tree service professionals are extremely busy! 

I know, you’re asking “But Jeanne, it’s winter time right now, shouldn’t I wait to get in on this till spring?

Absolutely NOT. By researching this market I have reached out to dozens of tree service companies all over the country to gather data. One of the top things that I learned was that in many areas if a client doesn’t schedule their tree maintenance in the winter, it is likely they won’t get an appointment for many months!

Yes, tree service companies are slower in the winter, which opens up a huge opportunity for you! How? Unlike many other home service companies, the winter slow down is the ideal time to find the owner of the company because he/she will likely be at home or in the office. One way to ensure you kill a sell for a home service contractor is to call when they are busy on a job so winter is an ideal time to catch owners!

You Don't Have To Be A Tech Genius

You don’t have to learn anything about SEO, setting up websites or any of the nonsense that requires constant maintenance. If you have ever tried SEO for clients then you know the pain of not being able to produce instant results or how angry the client is if the Google algorithm changes. It’s not your fault but in your clients eyes, it’s your failure.

Now you can skip all the headaches that come with result driven services and demanding clients.

What Will I Be Getting Today?

You WIll Have Instant Access To Everything Needed To Start Your Business

  1. You will get 180 brand new social media graphics professionally designed for the tree service industry. Every image is formatted in 1080×1080 HD to fit perfectly on most social networks.
  2. You will also receive a csv file with relevant content related to the image to post with each image.
  3. You will receive video training on to help you with everything from finding clients to closing the deal.
  4. You will receive video training on how to get clients through old fashioned snail mail! With this training you also get the actual mail template that I use on a regular basis.
  5. Access to my private Facebook group. If you are new at this, you will likely have more questions. Our Facebook group is packed with folks just like you who are willing to help you get going. It really is a great group of very helpful and experienced entrepreneurs.


To become financially secure, you have to be able to earn recurring income. Large one shot sales are great but they are fleeting and easily burned through.

You need the power of compounding.

You have to be able to take the work you do today and have it pay you for months and years to come.

Remember the question, “Would you rather have one million dollars today or one penny today that doubles every day for the next 31 days?”

Well, if you aren’t familiar with it… ALWAYS take the penny!

As you read above, this offer is all about the power compounding and doing something today that will bring you long term results.

"This All Sounds Great Jeanne, But I Think I WIll Wait..."

No problem, I fully understand the desire to wait and see what happens. This system is not going away. In fact, I will keep selling it long after this initial launch is over. BUT…

The price you will get this system at during the launch is the lowest it will ever be available. I know you have all seen the countdown timers that show you have a limited amount of time before the low price goes away (like you see at the top of this page) that really mean nothing. Heck, I’m guilty of having done it in the past. 

The countdown on this offer is quite real though. When the timer hits zero, the price WILL go up to $97, which is honestly still a low price for what you get. 


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What About Refunds?

No. Nada. Absolutely Not. Jump In A Lake. Don’t Buy If U Too Poor!